5 Essential Tools That Should Be on Your Calisthenics Workout Equipment List

Your calisthenics workout equipment list doesn’t have to be lengthy and complicated. It should include all the basics you need to build a powerful routine. Varying your exercises will allow you to work multiple muscle groups.

Check the following calisthenics equipment list to make sure that you have everything you need to get the best results.

Push Up Bars

Push up bars allow you to work your chest, shoulders, and arms. Improve your core strength while releasing tension from the wrist. These can be placed on the ground and include a handle that you grip in each hand.

This type of calisthenics workout equipment increases the challenge level compared to regular push-ups. They give you a broader range of motion and allow your wrists to remain in a neutral position where they are in line with your forearm. Get Ripped Tools push-up bars are made with a non-slip foam grip using high-strength PVC.

Parallel Bars

Parallel bars will add variation to your workout. They are a popular find among gymnasts but have a lot to offer non-gymnasts who are fitness-minded.

They build core strength and increase endurance and coordination. As you improve, you can expand your exercise routine by adding an L-sit or more advanced moves like a planche. You can find quality steel parallel bars at Get Ripped Tools.

Ab Roller

Also known as an exercise wheel, the ab roller is another way to boost your core strength. A stable core will help you work through different exercises and reduce the risk of injury.

Using this piece of calisthenics workout equipment will also improve your lower back muscles. It can take time to master the ab roller, especially if you still need to tone your back.

The Get Ripped Tools ab roller includes a 2” wide wheel that provides excellent stability along with non-slip rubber tread. You also receive an extra-thick knee pad for comfort and safety.

Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is a useful training tool. You will burn calories, improve bone density, and increase breathing efficiency. It’s great for your cardiovascular health. It’s also one of the most portable examples of calisthenics workout equipment you can buy.

Get Ripped Tools’ high-speed skipping rope will help you get an intense workout while fortifying your mind and body. Even slow skipping can burn 10 to 16 calories per minute.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a cost-effective addition to any home gym. They are highly adaptable and can be applied in different ways. You can use them to modify exercises you already do or to create a new routine. Get Ripped Tools offers four resistance band options that range from light to medium heavy.

Calisthenics can supply the boost you need to reach your fitness goals. It’s easy for beginners to learn and gives seasoned fitness experts more ways to improve or maintain their current physique.

Check out Get Ripped Tools today to find the calisthenics workout equipment you need to succeed.