Why Bodyweight Training Is Good For You

Why bodyweight training is good for you

First of all welcome legends to Get Ripped Tools first blog post!

Now, let's talk about who we are and the benefits of bodyweight training. Well, we supply all of the tools that you need to get ripped and fit. We are passionate about leading a healthy and active lifestyle and want to help you achieve all of your fitness and health goals.

About our workout tools

Our Get Ripped Tools are made of high quality, durable materials and can be used anywhere and everywhere. Imagine being able to work out in your own home or outside in nature. Get Ripped tools is for anyone, no matter your fitness level. Whether you are a pro, or just starting out in your fitness journey. Don't put it off any longer, your fitness dreams can be achieved with Get Ripped Tools. We are here to change lives for the better and can't wait to help you start living your best life.

Bodyweight training 101

Now, let's talk about bodyweight training or Calisthenics. This is a great way to start working out, as anyone can do it! And if you already work out then its also great for maintaining your fitness as it can literally be done anywhere, anytime and without the need for a gym. This is good to know as we recently discovered this fun or rather gross fact about gyms. Did you know that dumbbells and treadmills harbour more germs than a toilet seat? Another good reason to get your own work out equipment.

Bodyweight training is also inexpensive. How many times have you wanted to start working out but put it off due to the excuse of not being able to afford a gym membership or personal trainer. That's the beauty of this type of training. It won't break the bank as you have all the tools you need to get ripped and fit in the one package.

We’re passionate about calisthenics because we know it is the best way to get ripped and fit. We want everyone to discover the benefits of bodyweight training which is why we have selected the perfect tools to help you achieve amazing results, especially when combined with a balanced diet.

Let's talk about each of the Get Ripped Tools and how each one will get you ripped and fit.

First off we have our Pull up bars. These are a crucial piece of equipment to have when it comes to your body weight training. This is because pull-ups play a major role in using ones own body weight in building several different muscles. These include your back and core muscles which help to strengthen and improve your posture. Having a strong posture reduces your chances of having back pain and developing back injuries.

Another champion in upper body and core strength are our Parallel bars. These work your pecs as well as your triceps which will broaden your chest and give the impression of size. Mix these parallel bars with our resistance bands and create a killer workout.

Our push up bars also strengthen your core, back, arms, chest, shoulders and neck. Using our push up bars as opposed to just doing regular pushups will protect your wrists. When performing regular pushups without bars your wrists are prone to nerve problems and pain.

The Ab roller is one of the best tools to strengthen your core. Using an ab roller is actually more beneficial than regular sit-ups and crunches as it generates more muscle activity which creates stronger and more defined looking abs.

Next up is our skipping rope. This often overlooked workout tool is actually more beneficial than jogging. Jumping rope can improve your coordination, burns more calories than jogging, prevents foot and ankle injuries, improves heart health and stamina, just to name a few.

The resistance bands are an excellent tool for strength training. They can suit any fitness level whether beginners or advanced. They can modify typical strength based exercises such as the bicep curl and can work every major muscle group in the body. Having a set of these bad boys can create hundreds of workout variations.

Loop bands aka ´booty bands´ will work the hips, glutes, thighs and legs. They can also be used in various workout routines and create stamina, flexibility, strength, burn fat, shrink your waistline and create a big booty.

So we have established that Bodyweight training is a type of strength training. Did you know this type of training strengthens bones which in turn, reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis? It also helps build lean muscle mass which is integral in keeping weight off especially as we age. The more lean muscle mass we acquire, the more fat we burn thanks to the fact that muscles burn fat. 

It also increases your metabolism, helping you to burn fat all day long, even whilst your body is at rest. Long after your workout is over, your body will still be burning fat.

We love bodyweight training because it maintains our fitness level and lean physiques. As long as our diets remain healthy as you all know. But that's for another day, another blog post… stay tuned fam.