7 Tips to Get Ripped with Calisthenics

If your goal is to get ripped then start training calisthenics.

If your goal is to get ripped, then calisthenics may be the right workout for you. There are significant health benefits to using this method. What can you do to maximise your potential and reach your fitness goals?

You Can’t Get Ripped Until You Get Started

So many people want to get ripped, but they think that they must wait for the right time. Some people believe that they need to use other workout methods to lose weight or start toning up first.

If you feel the urge to put it off, don’t. You can’t get ripped until you get started. And the best time to get started is always now.

Set Realistic Fitness Goals and Stick to Them

Fitness goals are an excellent way to track progress and stay on track. Decide what you want to achieve and write it down. Just remember to keep it realistic.

Set smaller milestones for yourself. When you reach one, move on to the next. Goals that are too advanced can cause frustration and loss of motivation. Break it up into smaller increments and celebrate your victories.

Get Your Doctor On Board

Keep your doctor up to date on your fitness regimen. This is especially important if you live a sedentary lifestyle, have an existing medical condition, or are starting calisthenics for the first time. The best way to get ripped is with a solid plan and your doctor’s advice.

Your Training Must Be Consistent

You can’t expect consistent results if you don’t have a regular workout schedule. Make sure your training is consistent in terms of length and difficulty. Calisthenics can be done almost anywhere, which makes it easier to keep up with your exercise regimen.

Holds Are Essential to Improvement

Expect to do many holds as you progress. This is used to describe positions that are held while exercising. The whole body should be tense for best results. Holds help with muscle tone and increases strength.

Always Push to Perform Better

As you progress, you will find that you have to do more repetitions and work harder to advance. This may cause motivation to stagnate. Don’t let it happen. You should continuously look to the next milestone. There’s always room for improvement, so push yourself to perform better.

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