Calisthenics Workout Post COVID-19, It Feels Good To Be Back!

After a few months of being on pause, we are happy to be back, just like any other small business COVID-19 affected us big time.

As things start to go back to normal, we are slowly getting back on our feet.

These hard times have given us a chance to think about how lucky we are with all the things we have. Our friends, family, the community or just the simple things like going out to the beach or hanging out at our local coffee shop.
Yesterday morning we went to Burleigh Heads for a workout and to be honest we had one of the best workouts sessions in a long time. With not only the weather being great but we also had the chance to get back in touch with the community.
Which brings us to the core of this email which is that calisthenics is much more than a sport for us, its a community. It feels like forever since the last time we interacted with each other, and it's just great to see how things haven't changed much.
Everyone is still keen to train hard, be friendly, help each others progress with no egos involved whatsoever.
For those out there who are wondering if we are going to have equipment back in stock the answer is yes, we are doing all we can to get our workout tools back in stock so please bear with us!
Keen to get you all together for a training session out in the sun.
We hope you are all good, healthy and strong!
Take care
The team at Get Ripped Tools