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Booty bands are designed to work your hips, glutes and thighs

Booty bands are great to train your knees, legs, glutes and more. These bands are a great addition to your workout equipment, are easy to store and they don´t use too much space which makes them very easy to carry around.  

These resistance bands activate smaller muscles used for strength and stabilization so if your goal is to get stronger legs, hips and booty you need to get a set of these bands ASAP! ⁣

Booty Bands- Get Ripped Tools

Benefits of booty bands:

  • Great to increase your lower and upper body strength.
  • Booty bands activate smaller muscles used for strength and stabilization.
  • Great for shoulder stabilisation exercises as well as leg extensions.
  • Train anywhere with this effective workout tool
  • Great for boot camps, personal trainers and gyms.
  • Made from durable latex

Booty Bands Resistance Levels: 

  • Green Loop Band: Extra Light
  • Blue Loop Band: Light
  • Yellow Loop Band: Medium
  • Red Loop Band: Heavy
  • Black Loop Band: Extra Heavy

Train hard these bands are made to last!

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