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Trigger Point Massage Ball Set

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Massage balls are a great deep tissue massage tool that restores flexibility and mobility. 

Massage balls are great to alleviate muscle stiffness, improve your flexibility, circulation and also aids muscle building. 

Our Massage Ball Set Includes:

1 Peanut Massage Ball

    Designed to match the anatomy of your back this massage ball will help you to apply force directly to the parts of your spine that are tight and painful. 

    1 Lacrosse Ball

    The lacrosse ball is used to roll over your sore spots and knots. It's firm enough to get deep into the muscle tissue and can be used against a wall or on the floor. 

    1 Spiky Massage Ball

    This is the best deep tissue and trigger point massage tool for athletes. A must-have in your gym bag, the Spiky Massage Ball is great to improve circulation to aid recovery and muscle building.


    Train hard and recover even harder!

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    Trigger Point Massage Ball Set

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