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Basic Calisthenics Kit

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This kit was created with those in mind who enjoy working out using their own bodyweight. Our 4 in 1 calisthenics kit is designed to get you started on your calisthenics journey. 

After numerous workout sessions and tests with our sponsored athletes, we cut out a number of workout tools that aren´t beneficial towards your calisthenics training progression. 

So you can rest assured that every piece of equipment in this calisthenics kit has a purpose for your training. It doesn't matter what your skill level is at the current time, our calisthenics tools will help you progress on your day to day training. 

You can buy this kit with a full set of resistance bands or pick your band of preference.

Why these six?

Push Up Bar

Make your push ups 3X more effective with parallel bars by going deeper and getting a greater pec contraction. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Skipping Rope

Skipping is the single best thing you can do to burn calories and boost your cardiovascular fitness - bar none. With a calorie burn of 14 calories per minute, this is the ultimate portable cardio option.

Ab Roller

Forget endless crunches and sit ups - the Ab Roller is the ultimate ab developer. It’ll strengthen and tighten your core like nothing else. Our ab roller has more kinetic energy, more grunt and a wider track than most. Want abs? You need to be rolling!

Resistance Bands

Resistance band training is a great introduction to working your muscles for beginners. But it also has some major benefits for intermediate and advanced trainers. Resistance bands uniquely make use of dynamic tension resistance. This means that there is tension on the muscle all the time, unlike when using free weights.

Take Your Calisthenics to the Next Level

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