Training Tips & Workouts

Assisted pull-ups with resistance bands

Primal Movements for warm ups 


Outdoor Full bodyweight workout out 

[1st Round]⁣⁣

2x Sets⁣

5 push ups variations- 3 to 5 reps each variation⁣

3 Pull ups variations- 1 to 3 reps each variation⁣

[2nd round]⁣

2x Sets⁣

5 dips banded-change your grip on each set⁣

5 push ups-change your grip on each set⁣

10 Core Wheel rolls⁣

5 Lat twists each side⁣


Tools used for this workout:⁣

- Red resistance band (light)⁣

- Black resistance band (light-heavy)⁣

- Purple resistance band (Medium)⁣

- Core Wheel⁣

- Yoga Mat⁣


Have plenty of rest between sets and stay hydrated!⁣