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Calisthenic Equipment Kit

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The Calisthenic equipment Kit has all the necessary tools to get you ripped and fit.

The calisthenics equipment kit is a great starter pack for athletes of all levels whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. 

We've created this workout pack based on our 18 years of experience in bodyweight training, we´ve tested every single one of these workout tools and we know this is what you need to get your fitness going.

The calisthenics kit is a great addition to your home gym equipment or Bootcamp if you are a personal trainer. 

The Calisthenics Kit includes 5 pieces of equipment:

We know how expensive it can be to buy workout equipment separately so we've decided to put together a high-quality calisthenics kit that´ll save you money and get you ripped!

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Everything you need in one box, train anytime and anywhere!


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