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High-Speed Skipping Rope

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High-Speed Skipping Rope

One of the best ways to Get Ripped and Fit is by skipping rope. This simple yet effective training tool will benefit your mind and body in a number of ways.

Key Features:

  • Designed for high-intensity training
  • Ergonomic Anti-Slip Handles
  • 10 ft Adjustable High-Speed Steel Rope
  • High-intensity stainless steel ball bearings (Great for double unders)
  • Easy interchangeable rope system
  • Nylon storage bag

Here are some of the key benefits of skipping rope:

  1. Burn 10 to 16 calories per minute even at a slow pace
  2. Is a low impact exercise that helps you lose fat
  3. Improves your cardio fitness
  4. Improves Agility, Quickness and Coordination 
  5. It´s good for your brain 
  6. Increase bone density
  7. Portable & Affordable 
  8. Decreases foot and ankle injuries
  9. Makes you smarter
  10. The list goes on...